Earrings “Essence of the sky”

Art. 024120002P
Material 585 gold
Weight 17.29g.
Cover Black and blue rhodium
Inserts 2 Natural fancy-cut chalcedony | 96 Round-cut topaz

Evening earrings "Essence of the sky", like unique perfume bottles with blue essence, are designed for women with a refined sense of style. The pair is made of 585 gold of a dark blue hue, each earring is made up of three moving parts. The central containers of the bottles are filled with blue fantasy cut chalcedonies, framed by topaz in a gradient color order - from translucent blue to smoky blue “London blue”. Special attention should be paid to the reverse side of the jewelry – it seems to be assembled from weightless geometric metal structures. The lower element of the octahedron shape moves with your body, which gives the earrings an eternal dynamic.

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