Swanton ™

SWANTON is a Russian brand of modern designer jewelry; a symbiosis of classics, rock ' n ' roll and futurism, imbued with the spirit of the designer. 

       In jewelry, we find our creative expression, embodying even the most daring ideas and strictly controlling the quality of their execution. Our imagination is not limited by forms and materials, we use different techniques of jewelry execution and we expand our horizons with each collection, providing exceptional product quality.

The SWANTON online store works without facilitators, which allows our prices to be the most affordable. We value the time of each of our customers, so we excluded the registration of a personal account and simplified the order process to three steps. 

SWANTON jewelry Studio is open for cooperation with jewelry stores: we have created a convenient online system for placing orders for jewelry at special prices. 

Enjoy your shopping!


The creators of jewelry "Swanton" looking for inspiration on the one hand influenced by rock-and-roll chords, aesthetics artists with drawings on their faces, wearing leather jackets and crazy accessories, and on the other hand, art of the past and the present, the mystery of infinite space and its fantastic incarnations in film and literature.


Under the influence of inspiration, ideas acquire a material shell in the form of designer's sketches, which are randomly drawn after a "brainstorm", and then grouped within the selected concept of the collection. Only after that, in each sketch of the decoration, the shape is worked out and the color decisions of its execution are made.


Have you known that the distance from the idea of a single piece of jewelry to its appearance in the shop window is at least 36 hands? All these hands carry out fine craftsmanship on the processing of metal, honing its every face and every bend, decorating it with jewelry stones and summing up the final touches. After such a long journey, jewelry gets to shop windows, and only after passing the strict court of the customers, the designer can pat himself on the shoulder.